Fireplaces are available in a variety of different materials and all are suitable for use with gas, electric and solid fuel appliances.

We offer a bespoke service on many of the fireplace styles and materials, for example all of our wooden mantels are made to order from solid wood.  The size and design is infinite and they can be constructed from most woods and can be colour matched to suit your existing furniture.  There are also mantels that can be purchased ‘off the shelf’ if that is your requirement.  Mantels are also available in Cast Iron, marble and stone.

Stone and Marble fireplaces, are suitable for use with Gas, Solid Fuel or Electric fires.  They are available in standard sizes or can be produced bespoke to suit you at little or no extra cost.  A full range of marble and stone samples can be seen at our Shrewsbury showroom along with a wide range of designs.

Cast Iron fireplaces are not available bespoke but due to the variety on the market today there is a vast range of sizes and styles to choose from.

Cast Inserts Explained

Cast Facia – is a cast plate which is suitable for use with a gas, electric or solid fuel fire.

Cast Arches – are available in a variety of sizes, both plain and decorative styles.

Tiled Casts – can be fitted with either decorative fireplace tiles or a cast tile sleeve.  The tiled cast inserts are available in a variety of sizes and decoration from plain to highly decorative.

Cast Combination – is an all in one cast insert with an attached mantel, this comes as a Facia style, Arch and Tiled model.

Most cast iron inserts are available in full polished, Matt Black and highlight finish.

Some cast inserts can be fitted with convector fire’s, which offers you a much more efficient product.


Installation Situations

Solid fuel, gas and electric stoves can all be installed into existing chimney breasts.  Should you be unlucky not to have a class 1 chimney fear not as all types of stoves, log burners can be installed into a room without a chimney.  Solid fuel stoves do require a Class I flue, this could be by way of an existing chimney or by the installation of a new twin walled insulated flue system. We at By The Fire do recommend the lining of an existing chimney but would like to point out that it is not required to enable the installation of said stove.  We are also qualified and offer the service of installation of the insulated twin wall flues into the homes without an existing chimney stack.

Gas Stoves are available as Conventional Flue(Class 1 flue), Balanced Flue, Power Flue and Flueless (any home with or without a flue).

Electric stoves can be installed just about anywhere and can be finished off with a false flue pipe for a more authentic look if that is your desire.