Wood Burners and Multi Fuel Stoves

There are a wide variety of stoves, wood burning stoves log burners and multi fuel stoves available in Contemporary and Traditional styles.  We can offer a range of stove’s in various different price brackets depending on the budget available.

Stoves are available in Solid Fuel, Gas, both natural and LPG and Electric.  Of which a comprehensive range of stoves, wood burners, log burners and multi fuel stoves can be seen in our Shrewsbury Showroom, where we will be happy to help with any questions or queries you may have.

Solid fuel fires are available in several different designs.


  • Standard open coal fire
  • inset convector box’s
  • open fronted
  • inset wood burner style both modern and traditional.

Stove Materials

Stoves, wood burning fires, log burners and multi fuel stoves are manufactured from different materials and can vary from make to make.  Some supply all Cast Iron product.  The advantage with this construction is that they stay hotter for longer once the fire burns out.  Its disadvantages are that it does take longer for the stove/ log burner to heat up.  Some are of a steel construction, the advantages of this type is that the stove heats up quicker.  The disadvantages are that it cools quicker once the fire has burnt out.

Electric stoves are available in two different price brackets, the cheaper end of the market tend to be made from much lighter materials like MDF with a black finish although there are a more expensive range which are available which you will find a much more traditional metal build.


Installation Situations

Solid fuel, gas and electric stoves can all be installed into existing chimney breasts.  Should you be unlucky not to have a class 1 chimney fear not as all types of stoves, log burners can be installed into a room without a chimney.  Solid fuel stoves do require a Class I flue, this could be by way of an existing chimney or by the installation of a new twin walled insulated flue system. We at By The Fire do recommend the lining of an existing chimney but would like to point out that it is not required to enable the installation of said stove.  We are also qualified and offer the service of installation of the insulated twin wall flues into the homes without an existing chimney stack.

Gas Stoves are available as Conventional Flue(Class 1 flue), Balanced Flue, Power Flue and Flueless (any home with or without a flue).

Electric stoves can be installed just about anywhere and can be finished off with a false flue pipe for a more authentic look if that is your desire.