Gas Fires

Gas fire’s are available in a range of sizes, finishes and styles, once again available for use into various different flue types.  Conventional Flue (class 1 flue), Balanced Flue, Power Flue and Flueless. (all homes without chimney’s)

We hold a variety of styles of gas fires in our showroom from the very traditional to the very modern all available with a variety of methods of lighting including Remote Control.  You will find that there are fires to fit into a hearth situation or installed as a hole in the wall effect.

A custom made range of fires are available by Magiglo in manual and remote control.  They can be made to fit any fire or basket, with the correct dimensions a new custom build fire could be yours within a month.


Installation Situations

Solid fuel, gas and electric stoves can all be installed into existing chimney breasts.  Should you be unlucky not to have a class 1 chimney fear not as all types of stoves, log burners can be installed into a room without a chimney.  Solid fuel stoves do require a Class I flue, this could be by way of an existing chimney or by the installation of a new twin walled insulated flue system. We at By The Fire do recommend the lining of an existing chimney but would like to point out that it is not required to enable the installation of said stove.  We are also qualified and offer the service of installation of the insulated twin wall flues into the homes without an existing chimney stack.

Gas Stoves are available as Conventional Flue(Class 1 flue), Balanced Flue, Power Flue and Flueless (any home with or without a flue).

Electric stoves can be installed just about anywhere and can be finished off with a false flue pipe for a more authentic look if that is your desire.